Random Act of Kindness Week

I believe that we are all capable of doing great things, if only given the opportunity. Sure, there are days that we would rather quickly slip through the door than get caught holding it open for someone. We all have our moods, but that is why some of the smallest gestures to do something kind can be so great.

Sometimes we have to create our own motivations to be kind. With that in mind, we have begun a “smile initiative” project as our contribution in observing “Random Acts of Kindness” week.

In the spirit of “Pay it Forward” we have created cards to cast out into the universe and paired them with a small token of our resolve to unexpectedly brighten someone’s day. The cards give a brief description of good intentions. If you would like to share in our “smile initiative experience”, it’s as simple as doing something nice for someone without any ties. After a person experiences your act and reads the card; hopefully it will inspire a person to do something nice for another person they come across in need. It would be fantastic if these kept getting passed from person to person forming a ripple effect of sorts.

These are not chain letters or something that carry a superstitious hex for noncompliance. The only thing attached is a single thread. We wanted to give others a chance to see the role that they helped play. So, we have created a #hash tag on Twitter (#kindcards) and a web page for people to share their experience with each card.

We are dedicating some valuable space on our web site to track the possible path that our cards take out in the universe. Hopefully, this can motivate, and give ideas, to others when that next opportunity to pass the card to someone presents itself.

If one card inspires a genuine smile, and maybe even make someone’s day a little brighter, this will be successful. The power to inspire a single smile is an amazing feeling.

I would like to take a moment to applaud Buy Happier for this. It is great to be part of a company that has the unselfish and progressive thinking to take part in something that might not provide much of a return. In a world of bottom lines where “me-me-me” thinking prevails, to take the time to tackle such things like a “smile initiative” is inspiring in itself.

Random Act of Kindness Cards
Want to start your own ripples of kindness in the universe? Click here and go to our web site to print your own cards from our template (we will also mail you some from our surplus if you prefer). Do your part today, and give others the opportunity to follow your example.

Happy “Random Act of Kindness” week!

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