Find Your Adventure

Calling all adventure seekers, explorers, and journey takers! Buy Happier want to hear your best stories, the ones you’ll be telling your children someday when they ask for a bedtime tale. Adventures are a bit of a forgotten past time in our current era of streetscapes and skyscrapers. It’s not every day that most people get to explore nature untouched with nothing on their agenda but unfathomed possibilities and discoveries.

The best part of going on an adventure is not the start, nor the end, but the in between – the discovery of new places, new people, and maybe even something new about yourself. The second best part of any adventure is getting to tell your story to the world once that adventure has ended. Sharing our experiences helps us connect and learn, not only about the story, but also about the people telling the story. Continue reading

Mom’s Famous Sayings for Mother’s Day

“Okay. I am going to count to three…and you better be moving.”

That warning would light a fire under any one! I would seriously like to meet the person that never heard the dreaded 1, 2, 3 count. My young mind could barely comprehend the unbelievable horrors that would be in-store when I was told that “I was going to get it” if she did get to three.

I think almost every mother uses those famous sayings. There is probably some Parents’ Book of Secrets that has pages filled with these effective lines. Those “go to” sayings which are not required to comply with any logic. Who needs logic when you have the famous “because I said so” in your arsenal. Continue reading

Environmental Thinking and Lithium-ion Batteries

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Actually, it should be:

If Jack’s battery doesn’t work, he goes insane.

Shining examples of this being true are the measures we go to in order to keep our devices operating while out in public. Sure, there are days when we plan everything perfectly and our batteries are trustworthy sidekicks. They are help us execute the day’s most essential tasks. Be they texting that we will be home in 5 minutes, letting the world know that it is raining or courting the “Likes” of our friends on Facebook by posting pictures of our puppy…you know, the stuff the world can’t live without. Continue reading

Applications making it easier than ever to think green

It’s ironic, we know, but one of the major obstacles preventing people from being more environmentally friendly is actually the environmentalists. You know those overly passionate, zealot types that are just a tad too aggressive in promoting an eco-conscious agenda? The men and women that beat us over the head with facts, figures and scare tactics and end up putting us off altogether. We eventually just get tired of having our noses rubbed in our own logic, or lack thereof, and usually end up disregarding their entire argument.

Yes, I leave the light on at night. There are real monsters in that closet and they are afraid of light. Yes, I crank up the air conditioner in the summer. I don’t like to lose weight while sitting. No, I didn’t separate my recyclables. Please do not try and lay claim to my first born child.

Continue reading

Earth Month – Refurbished Products

Okay. So, your car breaks down and what do you do? First thing, you take a supremely unqualified look under the hood to see if the “make it work” thing-a-majig may have gotten dislodged from the doohickey. Second, maybe magically tap the engine in the hopes that it will come back to life; inspired by visions of the Fonz activating a jukebox dancing in your head. Finally, you then flip through your mental calendar, praying, as you do the math to find out if your vehicle is still under warranty. Yee-hah, it is. Then you make the call and get it fixed.

If you are at all like me that is almost exactly what happens (sprinkle in a smatter of profanity). No matter what the steps you go through are, when a car stops working, you have it repaired. You take it in, and voila!. What’s more, you get the car back for continued use, and put off the expense of having to purchase a new one. Continue reading

Earth Day All April Long

An uncharacteristically warm December day in Chicago, a movie by Al Gore or a summer heat wave that leaves you feeling like the bread in your toaster should make you realize that we are dramatically impacting our world. At the very least, it should get you to take Earth Day more seriously. It is easy to see how the significance behind an occasion like Earth Day can get lost. After all, our observance calendars are overpopulated with numerous events such as National Waffle Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day. Continue reading

Random Act of Kindness Week

I believe that we are all capable of doing great things, if only given the opportunity. Sure, there are days that we would rather quickly slip through the door than get caught holding it open for someone. We all have our moods, but that is why some of the smallest gestures to do something kind can be so great.

Sometimes we have to create our own motivations to be kind. With that in mind, we have begun a “smile initiative” project as our contribution in observing “Random Acts of Kindness” week. Continue reading